About Us


The makers of Nature Stone, the cutting edge flooring for basements, garages and outdoors that has changed the way people use their homes, is proud to introduce YaYa by Nature Stone, a line of state-of-the-art cleaning products that are unlike anything else on the shelves.

With Indoor, Outdoor, Heavy Duty, and Pet Odor formulas, there is a YaYa by Nature Stone product to suit every need.

These spray-and-wipe cleaners are designed not just for Nature Stone floors, but for any hard surface in and around your home.

And since they were developed by the same scientific minds who brought you Nature Stone, you know you can trust them to be safe, reliable and effective.

What Makes Yaya by Nature Stone Special

At Nature Stone, we never stop striving to be better, and after developing the best basement, garage and outdoor flooring on the market, the obvious next step was to develop a product that would offer the best possible way to clean this innovative new type of flooring.

Nature Stone floors are not like other flooring. This epoxy-based flooring is slip-resistant, helps prevent mold and mildew, and can stand up to damp conditions better than concrete. Nature Stone’s unique properties often prompt customers to ask about the best ways to clean it.

We decided the best way to address the question was to go into the lab and develop a formula specially designed for Nature Stone floors.

Our initial goal was to develop something made for Nature Stone’s unique properties, but when you hire the best chemists and scientists in the business surprising things can happen.

In this case, the formula they developed worked well not just for Nature Stone floors, but on a wide variety of hard surfaces.

In fact, laboratory testing revealed it to be more effective than existing commercial cleaners. 

We didn’t expect to go down this road. When we set out to develop a new floor cleaner, our goal was simply to help Nature Stone customers take better care of their floors. But great things can spring from unexpected places, something a great man who went by the name of Yaya taught us...

Why We Chose The Name YAYA

If a name like Yaya by Nature Stone sounds unique, it’s only because the name was inspired by someone just as unique. The name Yaya is not an attempt to create something clever and catchy. It’s not a focus group-tested marketing term. Yaya is a term of endearment for a man who was extremely important to the entire Nature Stone family.

Born and raised on the east side of Cleveland, Andrew “YaYaMasetta was an All-World softball player called “the greatest slo-pitch softball player in Cleveland historywho later became a successful cement contractor. More importantly, he is the father of Russell Masetta, the owner and founder of Nature Stone, and the man whose character and outlook inspired everything Nature Stone stands for.

Nature Stone would not exist were it not for Andrew Masetta. YaYa’s gregarious nature, his generous personality, and the way he always got back up after being knocked down became the core pillars upon which Nature Stone was founded.

It was Yaya who instilled in us his work ethic and commitment to excellence. It is through his example that we strive to be the best at what we do, and it’s why we honor his legacy by naming this product line after him.